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Start with a general resource page: resources for each grade (see the lists on classroom pages).

- Add links to SEL & Counselors Corner

- Add hygiene/mask graphics/videos

- Grade specific resources; include padlets.

- Eventually - a page for each classroom with images of the class, resources, and age-appropriate things about hygiene & masks.

Student Lessons & Resources

Here you will find resources specific to your student's grade-level to aid in e-learning. Each week, these resources will be updated.

In addition to the resources found here, students from 1st through 8th grade have been provided with log-in information for Google Classroom, where they will participate in e-learning activities and assignments as a class.

All work must be completed as directed by your student's teacher. If you have questions about assignments and technology please contact your classroom teacher.

If you are in need of additional resources and/or technology assistance please reach out to Ms. Jenna.

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