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Graduates of both Visitation Grade School and High School, the Lennon’s have been a part of the Visitation family from an early age. Pictured here are three of the ten Lennon siblings with Sr. Jean and Sr. Diane, back to visit the school and their old neighborhood.

Growing up in the St. Basil/Visitation Parish, the Lennon’s were heavily involved in the faith community; today they continue to contribute believing that our faith makes us stronger and together we can build a better world. Their continued dedication, compassion, and generosity create an environment where students are supported and empowered, growing in education and in faith.


Because of donors like the Lennon's, our students go on to excel in high school and college. Leaving our school with faith, family, and an education that provides a foundation for success.

To the Lennon Family: Thank you for all you do!

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