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Help Your Favorite Teacher Get the Day Off!

This year, Visitation teachers are competing to raise the most for our school!

The winning teacher gets an extra PAID DAY OFF!

Click on your favorite teacher's team link and help them raise money to support our students and enjoy an extra day off!

Ms. Esco is currently our Aftercare Teacher, but has held many positions and fostered the education of Vis students for many years!


Ms. Esco - Teacher Extraordinaire!

Ms. Jenna - Principal

Our spectacular Principal, Ms. Jenna works hard to support every one of our students!

Ms. Jenna.JPG

Ms. Robinson - The Fantastic!


Mrs. Robinson is our Office Manager, but she is more than that! She is a blessing to every family at Visitation!

Ms. Vaughan - Reading Specialist

Ms. Vuaghan empowers students, helping them to succeed in all things reading!


Ms. Hawkins - Pre-K

Ms. Hawkins is our Pre-K teacher, She has helped our youngest students to find success in Pre-K and beyond!


Ms. Jones - Pre-K

Ms. Jones has blessed Visitation with her wonderful teaching! This year Ms. Jones is the Pre-K Teacher's Aide.


Ms. Martinez - K & 1st-Grade

Ms. Martinez is our talented Kindergarten &1st-Grade teacher! She empowers every student!


Ms. Maribel - K & 1st-Grade

Ms. Maribel is our phenomenal Kindergarten 1st-Grade Aide! Helping students to succeed every day!


Ms. G - 2nd-Grade

Ms. G. guides 2nd-grade through faith and curriculum, making sure every child has the tools they need to succeed!


Ms. Mundt - 3rd & 4th- Grades

Ms. Mundt is dedicated to her students and does everything she can to help 3rd & 4th-grades succeed!


Ms. Olivia - 3rd & 4th Grades

New to Visitation this year, Ms. Olivia is the Teacher Aide Extraordinaire for 3rd & 4th-grades.


Ms. Woods - 5th-Grade

New to Visitation this year, Ms. Woods is our great 5th-grade homeroom and Middle School Math teacher!


Mr. Ward - 6th-Grade

Mr. Ward guides 5th-grade in education and faith, ensuring every student reaches their full potential!


Ms. Kent - 7th-Grade

New to Visitation this year, Ms. Woods is our great 5th-grade homeroom and Middle School Math teacher!


Ms. Courtney - STEAM TEACHER


Our amazing Middle School STEAM Teacher and 8th-grade homeroom teacher!

Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters

While the Sisters are not participating in the competition, you may donate to the scholarship in their name at Visitation. Write a note or email if you would like your gift to go to the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters Scholarship

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