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Becoming a member of the Visitation family is about more than just education, it is finding a community and faith that provide support and empowerment throughout your student’s journey. We believe that education is the expression of a mission entrusted to the church by Jesus Christ. This begins through collaborative relationships that allow our multi-cultural community to come together in faith, with the shared purpose of leading our children to success. We invite teachers, students, parents, administrators, alumni, parishioners, and friends to join us in empowering our students and equipping them with the tools they need to navigate the modern world.

Visitation Catholic School students learn through a holistic approach to education, becoming intellectually competent, morally and spiritually informed, and emotionally healthy in their relationships with God, their community, and each other. We are a compassionate community that serves, prays, and learns together. We work each day to bring our students closer to their future, inspiring a passion for learning, peace, justice, and personal holiness in each student.

Our Mission 
Our Story

In 1891, six Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters left their Wisconsin motherhouse, making their way to the Southside of Chicago. The story of Visitation Catholic School had begun. Classes were held in the basement of the church but quickly grew beyond its capacity. By 1905, an elementary school was built, and in 1915, Vis added an all-girls high school to the community. Today, Visitation Grade School is housed in the former high school building, continuing the traditions of educational excellence and community involvement that Vis is known for.

Visitation began as a part of the Irish Catholic immigrant community in the Englewood neighborhood and has grown as the community around it has changed. Over the years, Visitation has adapted to meet the needs of a changing community, empowering our students and ensuring the care of their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Today at Visitation you will find programming for students from Pre-K through 8th grade built to help them grow and thrive at Visitation and beyond. From traditional classroom curriculum and extracurriculars to social-emotional learning and prayer services our students are equipped with the tools to become happy and productive members of their community.

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Our Story
Sisters at Vis
Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters at Visitation Catholic School  

In 1891, the first Dominican Sinsinawa Sisters arrived in St. Basil/Visitation Parish. They answered Christ’s call, coming from their Wisconsin motherhouse to educate the children of our community. They arrived in a thriving Irish Catholic immigrant community, making a home in the Southside of Chicago. Throughout the years, the Sisters have remained dedicated to Christ’s call as the neighborhood around them changed. They continue to provide advocacy, compassion, and education to all who walk through Visitation’s doors.


Their mission has grown and changed, as have the needs of our community, but they have never lost sight of the holy mission that guides them in their work. Today, they continue to offer theological and spiritual guidance, acting as mentors and friends to students, staff, and families at Visitation Catholic School. Because of their undying commitment to their mission, Visitation students continue to grow and thrive in the love and faith that carries them through their lives.

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