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Student Life Visitation Catholic School 

At Visitation, students learn and grow in a community where they are known and loved. Each student is recognized for the special gifts they bring to the Vis family. Extended day programming, strong curriculum, one-on-one support, and social-emotional learning empower every student to become part of our thriving community. Here we build faith, love, and education that lasts a lifetime.

This year, Visitation will bring changes to our school and curriculum helping students find success through expansions on STEAM curriculum, our Social-Emotional Learning Programs, and additional supports.

We are excited to provide the following:

  • Visitation's state-of-the-art STEAM Innovation Lab and all-new STEAM-focused curriculum.

  • The Peace Room is a sensory space centered around improving students' emotional well-being.

  • Tiger Cub Programs to lead every Preschool & Kindergarten student to success.

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