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Pray with Us

Together, Visitation families have always found strength in the love of the Lord. If you need prayer, reach out, and let us pray with you. We will invite students, families, alumni, and friends to join us in lifting you and your loved ones in prayer. Please let us know if you would like your name and request to remain anonymous. No matter how we pray, we know God is listening and he knows what we need.


Almost one-hundred and thirty years ago the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters were called by God to the Visitation community. Here they built a community founded in compassion, faith, and learning. That tradition continues today, empowering the children of our community and blessing them with faith, compassion, and a family that will last a lifetime

The reach of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters goes far beyond the walls of Visitation. Today, they serve communities across the country, advocating for those in need, and sharing God's love through everything they do. Visit the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters' website to learn more about their courageous and important work.

Faith is an integral aspect of life at Visitation Catholic School: for our students, teachers, and alumni faith frames our world view and the lessons we impart to those around us. Because of our generous donors and community partners Visitation is able to continue providing quality faith-based education to the children of the Englewood community.

Donate today to continue strengthening the faith-based programming at Visitation and in our community.

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