Student Success

Programs Offered at Visitation

Meet Ms. Brewer!

Dedicating many years to the students of Visitation, Ms. Brewer has guided middle school students in History, Social Studies, and English. Each year, in addition to her duties as a teacher, Ms. Brewer builds programming and extra activities for our 8th-grade class. Helping them to prepare for the next steps in their education and celebrate their accomplishments.

Throughout her time at Vis, Ms. Brewer has worked to provide inspiration and creative outlets to our students; organizing field trips and performances for students and the community. This month, Ms. Brewer worked with teachers and volunteers to build Motown at Visitation, commemorating the musicians of Motown in celebration of Black History Month. The assembly brought together our community and helped us to learn the impact one person (or band!) can have on the world.

Teacher Spotlight!

Take a look at our field trip to Fair Oaks Farms!

Thank you to Mrs. Tapia for sharing this Visitation adventure with us!